In the US, ‘sextortion’ targets young people the most

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In the US, ‘sextortion’ targets young people the most. It has been reported on CNBC that the Yahoo Boys, a non-organized group of cybercriminals based in West Africa, are heavily involved in this type of cybercrime known as “financial sextortion” in North America and Australia. The study reports that Yahoo Boys is a non-organized cybercriminal group operating out of West Africa. 

In the words of the FBI, sextortion is a crime in which adults coerce children and teenagers to send them explicit images online, through the threat of violence.

If the criminals do not get paid by their victims, they threaten to spread the explicit images of the victims to everyone, such as friends and family, if the victims don’t pay.

Several nonprofit organizations, including NCRI, have found that cybercriminals use apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Wizz to find their victims and communicate with them. 

Despite the fact that online sextortion is a growing problem, these platforms have not taken action to stop its spread despite reports of sextortion on social media.

A 17-year-old Michigan student that was a member of the sextortion scheme that led to the suicide of one of the Nigerian men. The Nigerian men were charged with sextortion and were brought into the United States.

This case involves the use of fake accounts on Facebook and Snapchat by the accused and co-conspirators to pose as attractive young women, gain access to the friends and follower lists of those young male users, and then entice them into sending them explicit photos in order to commit themselves to crimes.

According to the accused party, if the money is sent, the photos will be deleted or at least they won’t be distributed in the future. 

Once they had paid, however, they would now be subjected to a series of new threats and pressures in order to continue paying.

There is a group of online fraudsters known as Yahoo boys, and they are from Nigeria.

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