In South Africa, a huge wild elephant nearly flips over a safari bus

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It is a prerequisite for anyone who wants to take part in a safari tour to have both a strong heart and remarkable patience, since these qualities come in handy when an enraged safari animal decides to engage with the visitor, as this animal cannot always predict what you are going to do.

A similar incident took place in South Africa when an angry elephant attacked a safari truck full of tourists, however, this time around, the way in which he expressed his anger horrified the tourists, the NZ Herald reports.

It is said that, according to the video taken by a bystander, the bull elephant charged the safari vehicle as it approached directly in front of the driver, charged it and attempted to flip it over.

It is fascinating to see how the 11-foot elephant was able to lift a truck and then dropped it to the ground. 

After it seemed the tourists had overcome the worst of the nightmare, the elephant returned and pushed itself against the truck before attempting to flip the jeep again, just as they thought they were past the worst.

The elephant can also be seen within the vehicle in another video, where footage can be seen from inside. However, just inches is all that separates the elephant from the driver’s face, separated only by glass.

On social media, tourists who encountered this animal have received mixed reactions regarding their encounter.

While some viewers describe the incident as “traumatising”, others describe it as a rare and frightening up-close experience that is unlikely to be repeated for the rest of their lives.

Several viewers also criticized the driver for getting too close to the elephant during the incident, saying that he was at fault for the incident.

In a video posted on YouTube, the anonymous contributor recalls the details of the incident that he claims to have received from a friend who went on the tour with him during the time the incident took place.

In his notes the guide described what happened as follows: “The elephant entered the car park while guests were both on foot around the car park in the open and walking along the walkway (pretty secure). The guide sat quietly with the engine off until the elephant reached the vehicle. 

I began revving his engine, hoping that the elephant would leave the car park if he did not back off and kept coming close to him. He did not respond to warning shouts, door slammings and slappings as they normally would. He started his engine and revved it, hoping the elephant would leave the car park if he did not back off.”

Timenews1 provided that news.

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