In response to Israeli strikes, Hezbollah launches rockets

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In response to Israeli strikes on the southern village of al-Habbariyeh in Lebanon in which seven people were killed, Hezbollah said it launched dozens of rockets at Kiryat Shmona, an Israeli border town.

It has been near-daily exchanges of fire across the border between the Israeli military and Iran’s Shiite Hezbollah, an ally of Hamas, since October, when the current conflict in Gaza began, when the two sides met on the other side of the border.

The Israeli military said on Wednesday that approximately 30 rockets had been launched from Lebanon toward northern Israel in the early hours of the morning. The Israel Emergency Services reported that a 25-year-old worker at a factory in Kiryat Shmona had been killed in the accident.

A paramedic center affiliated with a Sunni Muslim group in Lebanon was also hit by the Israeli army’s attack on al-Habbariyeh. There were four victims who were said to be volunteers by the Emergency and Relief Corps.

Al-Habbariyeh, young men were killed in the Israeli strikes that knocked out the emergency health center and completely destroyed it.

According to Khodr, the men who were inside the building were paramedics, volunteers, and university students in their early 20s, all of them paramedics or in their early 20s. We have seen daily exchanges of fire between Israel and Hezbollah in this border region where we have seen a number of people being harmed. They were helping the people in this region.”

Despite the Israeli army’s claim that it had killed an important operative, Khodr reported that locals had told him that “those claims are nothing more than fabrications … this was an innocent civilian target”.

According to Hezbollah, the attack will not go unpunished as the group promised to avenge it.

There was a strong condemnation of the air strike by the Ministry of Health of Lebanon on Wednesday, who said that such attacks were illegal and violated international laws and conventions, particularly the Geneva Convention, which emphasizes the neutrality of health centers and health workers in the country.

In an interview Khodr said that the assault on the health centre was not the first time that a health centre has been targeted in the border confrontations. Our health centers have been attacked a number of times, especially in front-line villages. Paramedics have been killed as well.

A member of the Al-Jamaa al-Islamiya, a Lebanese political and armed organization, was killed as a result of a rocket attack by the Israeli army in a military building on Sunday morning.

An Israeli air strike that hit the target of the Israeli air strike carried out on an Israeli base had been described as “promot[ing] plots toward Israeli territory” and as such had been “eliminated”, along with other terrorists inside the building at the time that were also “eliminated.”.

In Khodr’s report, he informs us that from day one, Israel’s strategy has been to depopulate villages close to its border, a strategy that has never changed.

They are trying to create something of a buffer zone, so that civilians are unable to live in this area without facing a lot of difficulties. The number of people who have already left has reached nearly 100,000. People are still living in this particular village in spite of the fact that there is growing concern that it will begin to come under attack in the near future,” she added.

Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s leader, said last month that Israel would pay a price for killing Lebanese civilians by the end of this month, signaling that the conflict between the two countries may intensify in the coming months.

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