In reaffirming his commitment to fair elections, PM Kakar

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In reaffirming his commitment to fair elections, PM Kakar. Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, interim prime minister of Pakistan, reaffirmed the government’s commitment to conducting free, fair and transparent elections in the country over the course of the election campaign for general elections 2024 as it gained momentum.

According to a statement the caretaker Prime Minister gave Voice of America one day earlier, what he is trying to accomplish here is to commit ourselves to the utmost transparency, to the most fair play possible, and to all the players in the game. In any case, even if we are criticised after that, we’re fine with it.”

It was announced earlier this month that Pakistan will hold general elections on February 8 as announced by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). A delegation led by ECP CEC Raja attended the President’s Secretariat to discuss the date of the polls after meeting with President Arif Alvi, based on the SC’s order, in compliance with the order.

During a question and answer session, the caretaker PM voiced his vehement opposition to the Supreme Court’s October 23 judgment which ruled that civilians arrested in connection with the May 9 mayhem are eligible for a military trial and their trials are null and void.

There is no doubt that they should be tried in a military court. Indeed, it has absolutely nothing to do with the word of democracy in the slightest.

As the premier spoke harshly about May 9 rioters, he said protests outside the political office were fine; however, those who violated military properties should face military courts as they were breaking military property.

In response to his question, he asked, “Why do people go towards the military installations?”. ‘If they decide to do that, they must face the consequences of the laws in every country, and there are laws in this country as well, which apply to them.'”

In the wake of the arrest of the former prime minister in the £190 million settlement case on May 9, riots broke out almost across the country. In the wake of the violence and attacks on military installations throughout the country, hundreds of PTI workers and senior leaders were put behind bars.

The miscreants used the protests as an opportunity to target the various installations of the government and military, including — Jinnah House and the General Headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi. According to the military, May 9 was deemed “Black Day” and protesters were put on trial under the Army Act as a result.

It is possible to hold elections without Imran Khan

The caretaker PM of the country, Indira Gandhi, stated in September that free and fair polls can be held without the presence of the PTI chairman in Attock jail, who is currently incarcerated.

There can be free and fair elections without [Imran] Khan or hundreds of other members of his party who are in jail due to their involvement in unlawful activity involving vandalism and arson, as PM Kakar said in an interview with The Associated Press: “Elections can be free and fair without Imran Khan.”

During the interview, PM Kakar responded to a question by saying that those PTI activists, who are serving prison terms, have been implicated in arson attacks, vandalism, and other illegal activities in addition to serving jail sentences.

There are thousands of PTI activists who, despite not engaging in unlawful activities, are eligible to participate in the elections that will be held soon”, he said.

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