In order to improve SC efficiency, CJP seeks proposals from law officers

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Justice Sardar Tariq Masood and Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa invited law officers to submit proposals for improving the efficiency and functioning of the Supreme Court on Thursday. CJP seeks law officers’ proposals to improve SC efficiency

CJP and senior puisne judge invited AGP Mansoor Usman Awan, advocates general, prosecutors general of the provinces and the National Accountability Bureau, according to a statement from the apex court.

According to CJP Isa, the largest litigants in the SC are the federal and provincial governments, which makes law officers one of the most important components of Pakistan’s legal system, but one that has historically had little influence over its operations.

According to the statement, each law officer was asked to provide suggestions for improving the Supreme Court’s efficiency.

Law officers appreciated the issuance of the monthly cause list for October 2023 and hoped that it would continue.

Moreover, they complained that supplementary cause lists are issued late and they are not given sufficient time to prepare their cases.

Law officers were assured that their concerns would be taken into account by the top judges. A statement said that other valuable suggestions were also made, some of which were accepted and others would be examined.

It was a first-of-its-kind meeting, which the law officers thanked the chief justice and senior puisne judge for hosting.

CJP Isa assured the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) and Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) last week that his institution would develop a “comprehensive policy” for fixing pending cases and setting up benches that would last beyond his tenure.

PBC’s Executive Committee Chairman Hassan Raza Pasha and Vice-Chairman Haroon-ur-Rashid made the revelation at a press conference.

Following a meeting with CJP Isa and Justice Masood, the two addressed the media. SCBA and PBC representatives were summoned by the apex court judges to discuss bench formation and scheduling pending cases. A number of suggestions were put forward by the lawyers for fixing urgent cases for early hearings and improving the provision of justice.

CJP Isa formed a committee with the top court judges, the PBC, and SCBA representatives regarding this issue, Pasha said in the news conference following the meeting. The committee meeting will be held shortly, he said.

There will soon be a new mechanism for listing cases. Pasha said the Supreme Court will develop a comprehensive policy that will be implemented after the chief justice retires.

In his retirement address, CJP Isa assured both lawyers’ bodies that he would share a progress report on the implementation of their suggestions.

Despite the fact that the PBC and SCBA gave separate recommendations. The recommendations were similar in 70% to 89%, Pasha said.

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