In Lahore, a paint factory caught fire without injury

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At the beginning of the week, there was an explosion of thinner and other chemicals drums stored inside the building of an industrial paint factory near Karol Ghati in Lahore. The explosions occurred as a result of a fire which broke out late at night.

It did not take long for the building to be completely consumed by the fire.

The fire broke out at the factory near the Ring Road about 10:30 pm, according to officials from the Rescue Department. As of yet, it is not known what caused the fire and the exact cause has not been identified.

An official with the rescue organization reported that flames are reaching sky-high from a factory outside the village, which covers an area of less than six kanals. The continual sounds of chemical drums exploding have caused panic in the area.

A total of ten to twelve firefighting vehicles were dispatched to combat the fire, but a total of no firefighting equipment has yet been deployed to extinguish the fire.  

As the factory is located far away from residential areas, no casualties have been reported as a result of the accident.

Several local companies were reported to supply chemicals produced at the affected factory to factories nearby, according to residents.

Timenews1 reported that news. 

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