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There is no doubt that NewJeans are about to take the world on a musical journey of epic proportions.

In anticipation of their upcoming performance at the Billboard Music Awards, where they are nominated for four awards, the K-pop band spoke with MTV International about their journey to global fame since making their debut a year ago.

The group’s members have never imagined that their music would have a fan base on an “international level,” according to members Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein.

“I remember when we first came out and how the ‘Hype Boy’ challenge was a trend for a little while. It was quite surreal and definitely not expected to see people from overseas dancing to the ‘Hype Boy’ challenge whether or not they knew about us,” Hanni, 19, tells People magazine exclusively.

In addition, she adds, “I am sure that the same could be said for ‘OMG’ as well. We enjoyed watching the challenges and clips of people dancing to OMG, and we felt a lot of love and support for everyone involved.”

According to the girl group, viewers can expect a “newly transformed style from NewJeans while watching their performance at the Billboard Music Awards on, which will be streamed live on the website. 

It is expected that the girl band will perform Super Shy and OMG at the awards show this year.

During the event, we have prepared choreography that will make each one of our members stand out, as well as outfits that will capture our unique personalities,” reveals Minji.

As for the singers, they were completely blown away by the nominations and were unsure how to respond.

The first moment we heard this news together for the first time, all of us reacted as if it was actually us. “, said 15-year-old Hyein, when she heard the news for the first time.

There were so many things going through our minds, but we are thrilled to hear that we were nominated for an award show that is as well known as the BBMA. It is still surreal at the moment,” Hanni says.

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