‘I’m incredibly privileged,’ Jack Quaid says about nepo baby labels

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‘I’m incredibly privileged,’ Jack Quaid says about nepo baby labels, The Nepotism Phenomenon has finally had its moment to be aired out by Jack Quaid after he could no longer ignore it.

He shared his honest reaction to being branded as a nepo baby in a recent interview with The Daily Beast, where he discussed the impact being nicknamed a nepotist on his family.

The younger Quaid, 32, was more inclined to agree than to disagree, saying, “I consider myself to be a privileged individual.”.

As the The Boys star continued, “I knew I had the door open for me in a lot of ways which I know a lot of actors don’t enjoy the opportunity of doing,” he explained. “I was able to get representation pretty early on, and that’s more than half the battle.”

Although he had a relatively smoother journey than most other artists, the actor noted that he had to work hard in order to prove he wasn’t simply here because of his name – he was here for his talent, not merely because of his fame.

He added, “I just try to do my best and prove to myself that I am worth the chance of walking through that door as soon as possible.”.

Taking into account Ryan’s status as the “undisputed queen of rom-coms”, Quaid commented: “If it is going to be in the rom-com genre, it has to be different enough to stand out, and I will need to work my asses off.”

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