How to watch ‘Worm Moon’ during the Lunar eclipse 2024

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A lunar eclipse has begun and will end after a period of four hours and forty minutes, making it the first eclipse of the year 2024.

A penumbral lunar eclipse is a lunar eclipse in which the moon is covered by the lightest or outermost shadow of the earth, and can therefore be difficult to observe.

The celestial phenomenon is likely to be visible in the following countries in the next few days: America, most of Europe, South America, much of Africa, and parts of the Northern and Eastern regions of Asia.

There is a penumbral lunar eclipse scheduled to begin at 09:53 pm Pakistan Standard Time (PST) on the day of the penumbral lunar eclipse. As the greatest lunar eclipse occurs at 12:12 PST and the penumbral eclipse ends at 14:32 PST on the 25th of March, the greatest lunar eclipse will begin at 12:12 PST.

On October 28th last year, Pakistan witnessed the previous partial lunar eclipse that was visible from the country.

It is common knowledge that lunar eclipses are caused by the earth casting a shadow on the surface of the moon when it is between the sun and the moon. The fact that they only occur at the time of a full moon makes this a very interesting sight to witness.

As the moon leaves the umbra of the partial eclipse, it is passing back into the penumbra of the eclipse when it comes to an end.

There is a 10% decrease in the brightness of the Moon from its usual state.

While Holi is the Hindu festival of colors, the event will not take place in either India or Pakistan because of the event’s timing.

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