Heartfelt message from Ivanka Trump on her mother’s 75th birthday

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Ivana Trump died almost a year and a half ago following a fall in her New York residence following a physical injury sustained in the fall. At the time of her death, she was seventy-three years old. It is no secret that her loss profoundly impacted her three children, Ivanka, Donald Junior and Eric.

On Ivanka’s 75th birthday, she shared a heartfelt post marked by a picture of her mother when she was a girl. The post noted the incredible similarity of the two women, according to Hola.

In the caption to the post, Ivanka shared a heartfelt message, expressing how she felt. “Imagine you going sailing through the heavens accompanied by the stars as you celebrate your 75th birthday,” read the message in an email that you received. The photograph shows her mother wearing an appropriate navy uniform as she maneuvers a boat many years ago, while she smiles as she does so. Our sails are raised in honor of you, Mom, as we navigate our way through life using your compass of love and the intrepid spirit that you have instilled in us. It is with great sadness and love that we miss and love you.”

There was little details about the picture that was shared by Ivanka, but it seemed that it might be taken from a photo shoot that her mother was involved in. 

There were many different activities Ivana did over the years, one of which was modelling for various magazines and companies over the course of her career.

It wasn’t long after the publication that Ivanka’s followers expressed their condolences on the loss of her mother and expressed their admiration for the physical similarities between Ivanka and her mother. In the beginning, I didn’t realize that that was your mother until a while after it had gone by. There is something about you that reminds me of her! ”, someone wrote a message to the user.

Ivanka’s siblings also honoured their mother on the day of her birthday, which was also the birthday of her mother. A picture of Eric Trump’s mother on the cover of the Vanity Fair magazine was posted to Instagram by the president. As she smiles broadly at the camera, Ivana wears a white dress with yellow sunglasses underneath it, and she wears them with a smile across her face.

As he captioned the post, he said, “This RockStar had a very special birthday. I miss you so much!”.

In addition to sharing a variety of photos, Donald Trump Jr made a post showing Ivana alongside her grandchildren, among other things. ‘Happy birthday to you, mom! I hope you have a wonderful day. It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other,” he captioned the image.

As part of the commemoration of the first anniversary of the death of her mother last year, Ivanka posted a heartfelt message to social media as a way to mark the day.

“I would like to take this opportunity to mark one year since the passing of my mother,” she wrote. These photographs show Ivana as her children remember her, showing off a variety of funny poses at different stages of her life and holding on to her children lovingly when they were small. We continue to be impacted by her illumination and immeasurable imprint every day of our lives. She concluded the post by saying that she misses you more than you can imagine.

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