Future cities should be Malaysia BiodiverCity instead of Neom

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Malaysia’s brand new project might be the ultimate goal for those wishing to live in a futuristic city, reports Dezeen, ahead of Saudi Arabia’s Neom.

As part of BIG’s Biodiversity master plan, three man-made islands will be connected with an autonomous transport network just off the coast of Penang Island, Malaysia, to facilitate the preservation of biodiversity.

A major land reclamation project will be undertaken by BIG in collaboration with Ramboll and regional architect Hijjas for the Penang State Government, which will cover 1821 hectares of land.

In a similar fashion, each island will resemble a lilypad and will have mixed-use space, 242 hectares of parks, 4.6 km of public beaches, and a 25 mile stretch of waterfront.

BiodiverCity aims at making Penang Island a sustainable cultural and economic destination that will promote sustainable cultural development along with preserving the island’s natural habitats and the biodiversity of its coastal zones while also promoting sustainable cultural development and economic growth. 

BiodiverCity, according to BIG, will be mostly built of bamboo, Malaysian hardwood, and “green concrete,” which is a concrete composite that combines recycled materials with construction materials.

As an estimated 15,000–18,000 people are expected to live in each of the island districts, and all of the islands will be dependent on waste management, renewable energy, and water sourced locally to meet the demands of their residents.

Additionally, BiodiverCity will implement an autonomous system of transportation that will link land, air, and sea, prioritizing a walking and cycling environment, creating a car-free environment, which will make it easier for residents to tackle the environment.

In order to promote biodiversity, a network of biological corridors known as buffers was agreed to surround the buildings and districts, and they ranged in size from 50 metres to 100 metres, which could be used as parks and natural reserves.

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