Following documentary drama, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck unite

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In their latest theatrical outing together after Lopez’s dramatic documentary drama about her life, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck put on a united front.

In case you are unaware of the artist’s work, she recently released her documentary titled The Greatest Love Story Never Told, which is available for free on Amazon Video.

In addition to providing in-depth details about Lopez’s trial and tribulations with past traumas, the new film also revealed the details of Lopez’s split from director Michael Bay in 2004 and their intimate relationship during that time.

Amidst the documentary drama, the lovebirds were now snapped while on a shopping spree in Los Angeles on Sunday, during which time they were photographed together. 

In an interview with The Mirror, body language expert Judi James said about the couple’s expressions and gestures in public, she said Affleck and Lopez showed a sense of ‘unity and intimacy’ by holding hands tightly with one another. 

In addition, the expert believes that Lopez’s recent public appearances seem to indicate that she has been relying on Affleck in order to feel secure, as shown in the documentary.

In his explanation, James explains, “There’s a sudden vulnerability in her face as if she’s suddenly vulnerable to what is happening in front of her, tucking her arm behind his as she watches him with a puzzled frown on her face and he walks in front, his chest puffed in Superman mode, looking like her rock.

As the expert pointed out, the Gone Girl actor “has been prone to vulnerable situations in the past, but he is now protecting Jen and boosting her self-esteem and confidence,” adding, “Jean suffered from a variety of vulnerabilities in the past.”

Timenews provided that news.

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