Following days of chaos, OpenAI now offers ChatGPT to free users

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It appears that OpenAI’s ChatGPT has rolled out one of its crucial features that has been a long time coming, but has now been made available to free users as well, after a few rather eventful days. The feature is not new, but has now been made available to free users as well.

The latest move by OpenAI has enabled users of iOS and Android devices to ask questions and receive answers through voice prompts when using the ChatGPT app for their iOS and Android devices. Using the voice and image features of ChatGPT, the company claims that it can be utilized in a variety of ways in your life. 

There are quite a few instances where speech can be used for ChatGPT, according to OpenAI. Some of these instances involve taking a picture of a landmark on the go and engaging in a real-time discussion on the noteworthy features of the landmark.

As an added benefit, users will also be able to take a picture of their pantry and refrigerator when they get home, and use this feature to figure out what they are going to cook for dinner when they get home. It is possible for them to ask follow-up questions regarding the steps involved in the recipe if they wish.

Additionally, according to OpenAI, there can be hints shared between both you and the child after taking a photo, circling the problem set, and letting it know if you need any help with the problem, according to OpenAI.

Additionally, the firm behind ChatGPT decided to announce the new product in a rather cheeky way.

A post by OpenAI on X, the formerly-known as Twitter, announced the availability of the feature and gave an example of a question I would ask if it were ChatGPT: “It’s been a long night for the team, and we’re hungry. How many 16-inch pizzas do I need to order for the 778 of us?”

“ChatGPT Voice is now available for all free users. Test it out and see what a difference it makes to the ChatGPT experience.” posted Greg Brockman, president and co-founder of OpenAI in a recent blog posting.

As part of a sudden reshuffle of the management team at OpenAI over the past few days, the company has undergone several back-to-back changes. OpenAI’s CEO, Josh Altman, has been dismissed from his position and replaced by Mira Murati as the company’s interim CEO in place of Altman.

The company’s president, Brockman, resigned after Altman was sacked from his position following Altman’s sacking. Also, it is well known that Murati was replaced by ex-Twitch CEO Emmett Shear in his place, while there was also a report that Altman and Brockman were reportedly going to be hired by Microsoft, one of OpenAI’s biggest investors.

Although the latest reports are saying that Altman has returned to the AI firm as its CEO after all the turmoil at OpenAI, according to the latest reports, only five days after his sudden demotion shook the tech industry, Altman has returned to the AI firm as its CEO after an agreement was reached with the firm, according to the latest reports.

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