Follow these steps to watch the Solar Eclipse without glasses

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There will be millions of people across a narrow band of North America looking up at the sky when a total solar eclipse occurs on April 8 as the sky darkens.

However, AP reports that safety is the most important factor when they decide to do so.

It is possible to damage the eyes permanently if people are looking directly at the sun at any time during a Solar Eclipse if they are staring directly at the sun.

Only when the moon completely covers the sun during totality, when the lunar eclipse can be seen with naked eyes, does the eclipse occur in total darkness and when the moon completely covers the sun.

A pair of sunglasses is not adequate protection, and a pair of binoculars or a telescope without a solar filter can magnify light from the sun and can be dangerous to use.

The eclipse glasses that are needed by those who want to observe the eclipse should be purchased from a reputable vendor.

You can still view the celestial event, however, if you do not have eclipse glasses. For example, you can use household items to make a pinhole projector, which allows you to see the eclipse indirectly.

You can look down at a partial crescent that is projected below you during the eclipse by poking a hole through a piece of cardstock or cardboard and holding it up.

If you are holding a colander or a cracker in front of your face, a similar effect will be produced.

As a second trick, you may also be able to get crescent shaped shadows on the ground if you peer through shady branches and leaves underneath a shady tree.

There have been warnings from the experts that viewing the eclipse through a phone camera is not recommended.

There is also a possibility that the sun’s rays can damage the digital components of a phone.

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