Floating cities: why Silicon Valley billionaires are investing?

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While it is a known fact that billionaire families buy distant homes and nuclear shelters as a precaution against a collapse, there are large groups of individuals who have their sights set on making the ocean a new home in the event of a disaster.

Investors with a high net worth, such as Peter Thiel of Silicon Valley, are devising plans for “floating cities,” which would be exempt from international law and protected from natural calamities that would otherwise cause natural disasters that would overwhelm land-based populations.

A 15-year investigation of the concept of permanently float communities living in international waters without restrictions has been undertaken by the Seasteading Institute, led by an initial investment from Tim Thiel, has been initiated by the Seasteading Institute.

Ocean Builders, a business supported by Bitcoin dealer Chad Elwartowski, unveiled in 2022 their 733 square-foot floating residence known as the “Seapod.”. Standing seven feet above the sea, this floating residence is placed on the tip of a pole.

As recently as September 2022, however, the Ocean Pod’s first pod fell to the ground during its unveiling; its creators attributed the fall to a defective bilge pump.

There was a large project that Elwartowski and his spouse, Nadia Thepdet, constructed off the coast of Thailand in 2019 called the floating fiberglass house.

The couple, however, had to leave before a police raid began following a video that they posted on social media showing them drinking champagne on the seastead.

In response to the couple’s actions, the Thai government said they undermined the nation’s “independence”, and that they could potentially face the death penalty if found guilty.

Earlier this year, a YouTube video by Joe Quirk, President of the Institute, stated that, “The technology that we need in order to launch a floating startup government is at hand, and we’re eager to get it started as quickly as possible.”

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