First and last countries to ring in the New Year 2024?

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In the middle of the year’s hottest year on record, crowds set to bid farewell to the year that produced the world’s hottest temperature. After a year full of wrangling conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine, clever chatbots, and unexpected fluctuations in climate conditions, crowds are set to bid farewell to 2017.

Nearly eight billion people live on the planet right now. As old leaves a way and new takes its place, many will search for a way out of the exorbitant living expenses and unrest around the world, which are causing many to flee.

It is expected that over a million partygoers will swarm Sydney’s waterfront in the midst of the unseasonably rainy weather, which the city boasts is the “world’s New Year’s capital”.

However, do you know what country ringed in the New Year first and what country rang in the New Year last?

There are 24 main time zones in the world, so this year, since there are 24 time zones in the world, New Year celebrations in different countries will begin at different times. Britannica states that the New Year celebrations began in Rome on January 1, 153 BCE.

2024 New Year’s first country

According to National Geographic, Kiribati, a country in Oceania, is on the list of countries that will celebrate the New Year first in Oceania every year.

In Kiribati, Kiritimati Island, which is also known as Christmas Island, will welcome the New Year on December 31st at 10am GMT, or 3:00pm in Pakistan Standard Time (PST), which is the time at which the sun rises.

New Zealand, Australia, Japan and South Korea will be the first countries to ring in the New Year of 2024 at 11am GMT, followed by Tonga and Samoa.

Kiribati celebrates New Year’s Day as a public holiday, which means that there is no school for the general population, no work for the general public, and most businesses are closed on New Year’s Day.

During the holiday season, the locals usually take part in different sports activities, camp outs, and visit nearby islands, as well as attend church services, have family dinners, and exchange gifts with friends and family.

Countdown to the New Year is marked by low-key beach parties, favourite bars, and downtown squares where they gather to celebrate.

The most varied of events are held at guesthouses and expat bars, often catering to tourists, while the maneaba (meeting house) and local bars have more traditional celebrations, such as weddings.

New Year 2024: last country

National Geographic reports that the island nations of Niue and American Samoa are the last inhabited locations to bid farewell to 2023 and welcome the New Year every year. They are located southwest of Kiribati in the South Pacific, and are located southwest of the island nation of Kiribati.

In a technical sense, the United States Minor Outlying Islands’ Baker Island and Howland Island are the last to celebrate the new year on January 1st. If we include uninhabited territory in the calculation, then the islands’ new year celebration will be at 12pm GMT on January 1st.

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