Family Switch star Jennifer Garner takes advice from kids

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During a recent interview with Elle magazine, Jennifer Garner admitted that prior to playing the role of a teenage for the new movie, Family Switch, she had asked for help from her kids.

As far as my teens are concerned, I definitely went to them and asked them an assortment of questions. On Wednesday, at the Los Angeles premiere, Garner told PEOPLE, “They said, ‘Mom, you’re crazy.’” Garner was speaking exclusively to PEOPLE during an exclusive interview at the premiere.

It seems the actress, who has three kids with her ex-husband Ben Affleck, is turning up the volume so much due to the fact that everything is being exaggerated to the extreme.

There will be a series of fun events throughout the series as Garner, who plays a mom in Netflix comedy, and her husband (Ed Helms), swap their bodies with their teen children, and there will be plenty of action to keep viewers entertained.

The 13 Going On 30 actress also revealed that she has three children and that one of them is funny and smart, along with the other two working really hard to achieve their goals. I’m doing alright because their teenage antics are at the very lowest, G-rated level, so I’m not concerned about it.”

Garner did reveal, however, that she would not trade places with her children in any way.

I know what you’re thinking, but I want to ask you a question. Having been a teenager myself, I know how hard my kids are working, and they are under so much pressure that I couldn’t even have imagined when I was a teenager myself”, she told the outlet.

According to Garner, she will stay here in her old lady body for as long as she needs to, thank you very much.

Meanwhile, on December 30, Netflix will begin streaming Family Switch in the United States.

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