Endless scrolling is gone from Google

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Endless scrolling is gone from Google, There are reports that Google is discontinuing its infinite scrolling feature and replacing it with a classic pagination bar in its desktop version. As a result, desktop users will be able to access a specific page of search results directly by clicking “Next,” thereby decreasing the need to click back and forth between search results.

In October 2021, a new feature called infinite scrolling was introduced for mobile devices and was later extended to desktop search results in 2022 after a successful trial period.

The Verge reported that Search Engine Land has reported that the continuous scrolling is over thanks to a report by Search Engine Land.

In a statement made to Search Engine Land, Google said they were making this change to allow them to deliver search results faster to more users, instead of automatically loading browser results that aren’t explicitly requested by the user.

As a result of the move, users are expected to experience a better user experience by receiving more accurate and efficient search results. 

Also, Google has announced another change, which is that it will add new artificial intelligence (AI) features to Gmail in the coming weeks so that users will be able to have a better user experience and the application will become easier to use. 

This tech company is launching a new tool called the Gemini side panel that lets you summarise email threads as well as write new emails, according to the company. Aside from providing users with “proactive prompts,” the web tool will also allow them to ask “freeform questions,” as per Google’s description of the service. 

Besides Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive, customers of Gemini will also have access to the Gemini side panel, but only if they are subscribers.

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