Elon Musk says, “As a Jew by association”

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Elon Musk says, “As a Jew by association”. As reported by Business Insider, Tesla’s CEO and its founder, Elon Musk, admitted in an interview with Ben Shapiro at a conference hosted by the European Jewish Association that he was “Jewish by association” as a result of the fact that he had such a large number of Jewish friends and he was “naive” when it came to antisemitism.

As a result of these statements being made against him, he has been accused of spreading conspiracy theories on his social network platform, X, as well as making anti-Semitic remarks.

This later was followed by a conference in which Musk engaged in a conversation with Ben Shapiro, a Far Right commentator who is an expert on the Holocaust. Musk managed to visit Auschwitz, a former Nazi concentration camp in Poland, as a result of the European Jewish Association’s organizing his trip.

There was a question asked to the Tesla CEO during the conversation regarding a drastic increase in antisemitic activity there had been at the time.

As a response, Musk stated he was naive about the topic since “two-thirds” of his friends are Jewish, so he thought he was being foolish.

There are twice as many Jews among my friends as there are non-Jews among my friends, so I am considered to be Jewish by association. As an aspirational Jew, I am very interested in becoming one. As a result, I was thinking, ‘What is this antisemitism all about? What is this all about? There is never a time when I hear this kind of question in dinner conversation. There is a sense of absurdity about it, at least among my friend circles.”

In November, he visited Israel for the first time, which was followed by a visit to Auschwitz over the weekend.

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