Due to door risks, Tesla recalls 120,000 cars

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Due to door risks, Tesla recalls 120,000 cars. As per a notification by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Tesla has recalled more than 120,000 vehicles, primarily due to the potential for unlocked doors to open during a crash, increasing the risk of harm to other people.

It has been discovered that some Model S and X automobiles manufactured between 2021 and 2023 were affected by this defect, according to a document released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

It has been reported by Tesla that the issue was found for the first time during a routine crash test by the company on December 6, and that none of its customers have been injured or filed a claim as a result of it.

A software update has been made available to those cars that have been impacted by the safety issue over-the-air (OTA). There is a strong likelihood that owners of such vehicles will receive notification letters by February 17, 2024, informing them of the change.

Almost all of Tesla’s 2 million US vehicles are no longer able to use their Autopilot system due to restrictions placed last week by Tesla. There was a recall issued as a result of a two-year investigation by US safety officials into almost 1,000 crashes that occurred as a result of this feature being activated.

As reported by the NHTSA, the Autopilot system may easily be abused in some risky situations where it might not be capable of negotiating the road properly in a safe manner, making drivers feel that they can rely on the car.

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