Drew Barrymore can’t lie about her new long hair

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In a new hairstyle debuting this week, Drew Barrymore is sporting a long hairstyle.

A huge blowout was the result of the 48-year-old daytime television anchor’s appointment with celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton on Monday. He transformed her from playful waves to a huge blowout after 45 minutes.

There was a makeover segment on The Drew Barrymore Show in which Camila Mendes, an actress from Riverdale, was invited by appleton, 40, to do the makeover segment with the Charlie’s Angels star.

In her introduction to her guests, the 48-year-old host said she had prepared “some fun questions” that she kept tucked away in an antique velcro curler that she recollects from her childhood.

The two women were asked by Barrymore to remove their extensions during the live show just a couple of minutes before the makeover began as she asked hairstylist Chris Appleton what his plans were for them. In relation to the makeovers of the two women, the British-born stylist commented: “I think I will do you both.”.

During his journey over to begin working on Mendes, Appleton told Barrymore as he made his way over to start working on him, “While you dismantle whatever’s, I’m interested to see how it turns out.”

When she was removing her hair extensions from her head, the host jokingly exclaimed, “A lot.”.

In order to start styling the Upgraded actress for a straightforward “day-to-night” look, Appleton took a bright yellow roller out of its packaging and took out a piece of paper from inside.

The look that Appleton selected for Mendes was supposed to emphasize Mendes’ cheekbones and face shape in a way that would make her look more attractive. As she read her question to the studio audience at the end of her show, she admitted that what she enjoys most about the “playfulness” of the hair hanging in front of her face is having strands of hair hanging in front of her face before she reads it.

Could you please let me know if you would prefer to be 15 minutes early for your date? Could you please let me know if you are 15 minutes late? ”, the first question read by Mendes.

Immediately following a brief pause among the three, Mendes replied, “Fifteen minutes late, since I’m usually 15 minutes late.”

Timenews provided that news.

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