Doctor brother-in-law of Scottish leader Humza Yousaf refuses to leave Gaza

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The brother-in-law of Humza Yousaf refuses to leave Gaza. He told his family that “people need me” rather than resign from his job as an emergency physician in Gaza, Humza Yousaf said.

Just a few days earlier, Nadia El-Nakla, the wife of the Scottish prime minister and an SNP councilor for Dundee City Council, claimed that a shrapnel drone attack during the conflict between Israel and Hamas had injured her family.

Earlier, Elizabeth and Maged El-Nakla visited El-Nakla’s 92-year-old grandmother and her brother Mohammed El-Nakla and his family in the nation prior to Hamas’ surprise strike.

He has resisted leaving the war-torn city where he has been working for a week despite his sister’s pleas.

The doctor in Gaza is spending his seventh consecutive day in the hospital after working to help a baby and a toddler hurt in the city, Yousaf said in the video.

In response to Nadia’s request to go home to rest, he replied, “I will not be able to leave my people in need.”

The El-Nakla family and 100 other people were sleeping across the street when an Israeli missile hit, shattering every window and mirror.

During his speech at the SNP conference on Tuesday, Yousaf told the crowd, “My mother-in-law just told me she didn’t sleep a wink last night with worry.”. He received a call about the attack 45 minutes later.

El-Nakla revealed earlier this week that her brother was saying he could no longer treat anyone because supplies were running out.

She told her parents in Gaza that she “started this week extremely fearful” and that she is now “ending this week in utter despair”.

“I grew up in Gaza, and I’ve witnessed many wars, but I’ve never seen anything quite like this.” she said at the SNP conference on Monday.

“They still drop bombs on them,” she told the conference, adding: “People are now sleeping on football pitches near my family’s house.”

The morgues are full, so we’re using ice cream trucks to transport the dead.”

She said she has experienced gunfire at home, rocket attacks, on one occasion having the house taken over by Israeli forces for three days who used it as a lookout point. She visited Gaza herself every summer for several weeks.

According to El-Nakla, “We’re used to suffering and fear, but this time is different.”

The world normally asks for restraint once the death toll reaches a certain level.”

Gaza is being turned to rubble and the number of deaths is soaring, most of them children.”

I feel like my heart is starting to turn to stone as there is no food, water, or electricity. Humanity is being attacked.”

According to her, her family was targeted by a drone attack, and her mother was forced to remove shrapnel from her cousin’s skin because the hospital was running low on supplies and considered hazardous.

In the House of Commons yesterday, SNP MP Chris Law said Elizabeth had called her daughter and the First Minister that morning to bid them farewell.

The MP says last night was the end for her. She says it would be better if her heart stopped so she could be at peace.

In response to Hamas’s atrocities, Yousaf has called for a ceasefire in the Middle East and accused Israel of “going too far” by inflicting “collective punishment” on Gaza.

Stephen Flynn, leader of the SNP in Westminster, demanded an end to hostilities in the area and urged the Prime Minister to establish a resettlement program for refugees.

I requested a ceasefire with all sincerity, primarily to protect civilians, but also to ensure that humanitarian corridors could be established safely – “Humanitarian corridors that will allow food, water and vital medicine to reach Gaza, as well as for innocent civilians caught up in this terrible conflict to flee,” Flynn said. 

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