Despite growing tensions, Shiloh Pitt stands up for her dad

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Despite growing tensions, Shiloh Pitt stands up for her dad, As Shiloh maintains her position despite the fact that she seems to be proving to Brad Pitt that she and his father have ‘deeper issues’.

After Angelina Jolie split from Pitt, the actor has been rumored to have been fighting to keep a bond with his children, who are now estranged from his ex-wife.

The 60-year-old Fight Club actor has allegedly denied his 14-year-old daughter Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s request to testify at the 2021 custody hearing when she was doing so in support of her custody arrangement preferences, according to an Us Weekly report.

Pitt was ultimately awarded joint custody by the judge, and the court sided with him in the end. Even so, it was ultimately Jolie who appealed the case against the judge, so he was removed due to his business ties with Pitt’s lawyers, even though that was later revealed.

According to another insider, Pitt had been “very close” to Shiloh in the past but in recent years their relationship has shifted.

Earlier this year, reports surfaced indicating that Shiloh had officially given up her father’s surname to become a woman upon reaching the age of 18.

In fact, Shiloh hired her own lawyer to handle her case and paid her own lawyer to handle her case on her behalf. Us Weekly has received confirmation from a source that the request has yet to be approved.

Despite Shiloh’s choice to alter her name, Pitt is reported to have been “devastated” by the decision.

Source explained that to him, a change of name was more than just a change of name, it was a symbol of an entrenchment which had been simmering for years, he said.

Timenews1 provided that information.

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