Despite drift ice trapping 12 orcas, killer whales finally escape.

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According to information released recently by Japanese authorities, a group of about twelve orcas or killer whales have managed to make their way out of drift ice off the northern island of Japan after being trained there.

The orcas were discovered by a fisherman off the coast of Hokkaido, approximately one kilometer off its coast.

As well as poking their heads above the water and soaking in the drone footage, the animals were seen in close quarters and eating within the distance.

In response, the city sent representatives to the coastal town, which is where the whales are found, in order to keep an eye on them.

The video was aired on Japanese television the same week, as well as on the internet, which led to widespread public outcry calling for government support and compassion for the animals in this week’s environmental crisis.

The Japanese government was even petitioned by an environmental group to release the animals that had been trapped by using an icebreaker and which were trapped by a human being.

As a result of the most recent observation voyage, officials have confirmed that it appears that the whales have relocated out of the area based on their response on Wednesday.

Local officials in Rausu, a seaside town on the Japanese coast, said they believed the victims had managed to escape safely.

A hypothesis was offered that the whales might have been able to escape through cracks in the ice that allowed them to escape.

One of the orcas captured on camera appeared to be a younger orca, and it seemed to me that he was bleeding near his jaws from his failed attempts to attempt to escape from the pod.

As reported in the Japanese media, orcas need to surface every few minutes to breathe, unlike other whales that can breathe for much longer periods of time.

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