‘Desperate’ Hailey Bieber accused of copying Sabrina Carpenter

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‘Desperate’ Hailey Bieber accused of copying Sabrina Carpenter, After Justin Bieber followed Hailey Bieber’s Twitter account a few hours before she posted a selfie imitating Sabrina Carpenter, Hailey Bieber has recently been under scrutiny for trying to imitate the pop star in a new selfie.

In a somber selfie posted on her Instagram account, Rhodes founder Carrie Carpenter replaced her brown eyes with cool blue pupils from Carpenter’s collection along with a filter to give the picture a somber tone.

It has been reported that Hailey has been caught in the act of imitating Justin’s former A-list girlfriends in the past, so her latest move was quickly noticed and criticized by fans. 

On the social network Reddit, Hailey’s fans immediately noted the uncanny similarities between her and Sabrina, accusing her of ‘desperately’ replicating the character on the platform, and accusing her of ‘stealing’ Sabrina’s look.

Fans of Sabrina’s on Instagram were quick to point out that it is likely the California native saw that Justin started following Sabrina a few weeks ago, and now all of a sudden she has started posting this low-quality, boring picture of Sabrina with blue or green eyes… She is desperate for attention…”

There was another user who added to the discussion, saying: “She seems very very insecure.”.”

As one of those third parties pointed out: “Hahahah, it didn’t take her long to switch over to being Sabrina.”

There was also a fourth prediction that was made: “She is about to dye her hair blonde. LOL.”

Among the five people who commented on the report, one noted that she has moved on from copying Justin’s ex Selena Gomez.

Timenews1 provided that news.

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