Denmark’s next king marred by scandal: Crown Prince Frederik?

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Denmark’s next king marred by scandal: Crown Prince Frederik?. It was the announcement of the abdication of Danish Queen Margrethe II of Denmark during her New Year’s address on Sunday, December 31, that sent shockwaves throughout the world.

With her declining health as the main reason for her decision, the 83-year-old monarch announced that Crown Prince Frederik would be the next monarch, succeeding her.

I have decided that the right time has come for me to take action. As of 14 January 2024, I will be stepping down as queen of Denmark, 52 years after my beloved father succeeded me,” she announced in her speech.

The Crown Prince Frederik has been handed the throne by my son, Crown Princess Victoria.

Frederick, King of Denmark?

The rightful heir to the throne of the United Kingdom is Frederick André Henrik Christian, the eldest child of King Henrik VI and Queen Margethe II.

With an MSc in political science from the Aarhus University, the 55-year-old prince is credited with becoming the first royal to hold a master’s degree. He is known as “Pingo” Penguin, the nickname given to him by his friends.

A former Australian marketing consultant by the name of Mary Elizabeth Donaldson, he met her for the first time in 2000 and four years later they married.

Their children are Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent, and Princess Josephine, which they raised together as a family

Fancy Prince Frederik

Quite recently, the marriage of the future King and his wife Genoveva Casanova has been put to the test when it was reported that he had an affair with a Mexican socialite.

It was in October when Frederik and Cecilia were photographed strolling in the park, enjoying an art exhibition and eating dinner with flamenco music playing in the background as they enjoyed a cosy night out together.

It is noteworthy that Casanova railed against the rumors of the scandal, classifying them as malicious and denying that he ever had any kind of romantic relationship with Fredrik, although the royal household declined to comment on the issue.

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