‘Concentration’ is Noval Djokovic’s aim for the 2024 Paris Olympics

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‘Concentration’ is Noval Djokovic’s aim for the 2024 Paris Olympics, The 24-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic seems focused on completing his Greatest of All Time legacy at the Paris Olympic Games this year by winning a gold medal and becoming the Greatest of All Time of tennis.

There is no doubt that Serbian star Kiki Sukanovic will work hard in the mega event to achieve one of the few milestones in his career that he still has to achieve, as tennis commentator Nick Lester said.

It is worth noting, however, that Djokovic has not been able to attain Olympic gold medals, such as Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray have done. Despite the recent failure of the Serb in the tennis event at Roland Garros in Paris, Lester said that he was determined that the Serb would join them and triumph at the event.

As far as I am concerned, the Olympic gold medal is one of the most important goals for him this year and he will focus on reaching that very high target,” Lester told Tennis365.

He is the only one that is missing on his CV, so he is going to tailor every piece of information around what he does have. It would make sense to prioritize this prize once you have achieved everything you have set out to achieve and only one final prize remains.

In my opinion, he remains one of the best players in the world on hard courts when he is fully motivated and fit. There is no doubt that if he stays fit and if he has the desire, he could easily win another four Slam titles over the next few years. I would love to see if he still has the passion to chase records, great records, and set new records.”

Djokovic recently lost the Australian Open semi-finals to Jannik Siner in a match that resulted in speculation about the decline of his dominance in men’s tennis as a result of that loss. As it turned out, this assessment may be premature, considering that the player won three Grand Slams last year and reached the final of a fourth, as well as reaching the final of a number of other tournaments.

Moreover, Lester suggested that these difficulties may have contributed to Djokovic’s performance slightly deteriorating during his stay in Melbourne, and that it may have been due to the fact that he suffered physically during his stay.

He explained to me that he didn’t seem to be doing too well out there, based on what I heard in Melbourne. He may have been less engaged this year as a result of that, perhaps he was not as engaged as he had been in the past.

It is fair to say that at some point, the level of motivation that he has consistently displayed for so many years will begin to wane. Despite his young age, he is doing new and exciting things that have never been done before, so you have to think that, at some point, it will go away for him.

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