Christmas celebrations in parts of US gripped by extreme weather

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It is the season of holiday celebration and merrymaking all around the world. While parts of the United States were ensnared in a wintry embrace that, while charming for some, caused havoc and hardship for others, as the world rejoices in the holiday season and Christmas in festive splendor and warmth. 

The charm of a white Christmas was felt in some parts of the country, but there were many parts of the country that had to contend with a wintry onslaught that brought with it blizzard warnings and icy surfaces, as well as travel disruptions. As the holiday season ends and safety advisories and cautionary measures amidst the holiday cheer begin to take hold in various parts of the country, the landscape was painted in varying shades of wintry weather from the heartlands of the Great Plains to isolated pockets of the Pacific Northwest.

Several parts of the Great Plains have been hit by a wintry blast that has left behind a blanket of snow and icy conditions, which have disrupted the lives of many people. There were blizzard warnings issued across a wide area, spanning northwestern Kansas, most of Colorado, and most of South Dakota. The weather in some parts of the country was exacerbated by treacherous ice and sleet which, at the same time, caused a number of challenges to be faced.

It was the first white Christmas in North Platte, Nebraska, in years, but the festive mood was dampened by the difficulties resulting from the storm. The Nebraska State Patrol has reported that crews on tractor-trailers have skidded off roads, and on Interstate 80, blowing snow has turned into ice sheets and resulted in a blockage due to two large vehicles, prompting authorities to advise people not to travel unless necessary.

Snow, blizzard conditions, and freezing rain were forecasted for parts of South Dakota, as well as freezing rain and ice were expected for the northeastern region, while parts of the central and northern areas would see snow. Governor Kristi Noem, in an attempt to emphasize weather awareness and urge precautionary measures, issued safety advisories across social media platforms on Wednesday.

Southwest Airlines, which has been grappling with prior weather-related challenges in Chicago, faced a number of cancellations and delays as a result of the storm, and was impacted by significant cancellations and delays, both domestic flights as well as those entering and departing the US. With over a hundred cancellations, Southwest Airlines is hoping for a full recovery before operations begin.

There were over 2.6 million holiday travellers who underwent TSA screenings while reaching their destinations, which shows both the resilience of holiday travelers and the disruption caused by this wintry period.

Despite the wintry scene around us, temperatures in certain regions defied expectations as they rose above average. During the past few weeks, Cleveland, Chicago, and Buffalo have experienced unseasonably warm weather, which contrasts starkly with the wintry conditions elsewhere in the country.

As part of the national landscape of icy challenges which is expected through Tuesday morning, it should come as no surprise that the Pacific Northwest has its share of winter woes, with freezing rain warnings in Pendleton, Oregon.

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