Chinese hackers attack US infrastructure in Munich, FBI says

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Chinese hackers attack US infrastructure, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), represented by Christopher Wray, has accused China, according to First Post, of attempting to compromise United States infrastructure by installing malicious software into the computers of government institutions.

According to him, the threat has now grown to a scale we have never seen before, and it is spreading across the globe.”

The Secretary of State also said that the organisation is “laser focused” on combating China’s threat, which might jeopardize the country’s national security if it is not contained.

“I am laser-focused on this issue as a real threat, and we’re working closely with a number of partners in order to identify, anticipate, and disrupt this threat,” said Wray at a Munich Security Conference, where officials were gathering to discuss ideas related to conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East.

“I understand the challenges we’re up against in terms of sobriety and clarity. We’re going to have to constantly be trying to think quickly and act quickly,” he continued.

China has firmly opposed all forms of cyber-attacks and is taking legal action against them, said Mao Ning, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry. He added that it was the United States Cyber Force Command that had explicitly announced that it would be possible for the US to attack critical infrastructure in other countries. 

“This is a disasterous and irresponsible act, and it completely defies the truth,” she stated.

A number of reports have also been released since last year that show the US government has conducted a long-term campaign of cyber-attacks against Beijing’s critical infrastructure, according to Chinese cybersecurity agencies.

A security report from 360 Security Group indicates that, for more than a decade now, the National Security Agency (NSA) has conducted covert hacking operations against top Chinese companies in order to steal information. The CIA, in turn, has also engaged in espionage and intelligence theft activities, according to the report.

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