China, HEC offer Pakistani student, researchers study opportunities

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China, HEC offer Pakistani student, researchers study opportunities. Students and researchers will have the opportunity to participate in scholarships to create educational opportunities Through the China Scholarship Council (CSC), a Chinese scholarship organization, it has been announced that Pakistani scholars and students will be able to study and conduct research at Chinese universities during the next academic year.

Hence, the Government of China has designated the Higher Education Commission (HEC) as the agency responsible for providing scholarships on behalf of the Government of Pakistan for the academic year 2024-2025 under the jurisdiction of the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

It is the intention of this initiative to provide education opportunities for foreign students and researchers who are pursuing bachelor, master, or PhD degrees in the United States of America.

Candidates who are interested in applying for the concerned program may submit their applications by December 28 through the relevant HEC portal or the CSC portal.

It is hoped that applicants will be able to get further information on the official website of the HEC, according to local sources.

In the official website of the HEC, it has been stated that the Chinese Scholarship Committee – entrusted with the administration of the Chinese Government Scholarship Program by the Chinese Ministry of Education – is the organization responsible for enrolment and administration.

Moreover, only those applicants who already have gained a valid score on either the Higher Education Aptitude Test or the Undergraduate Studies Admission Test (USAT) for Higher Education (obtained after January 1st, 2022) are invited to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship Program 2024-25.

Scholarship applicants at all levels are able to enroll in a wide variety of academic programs offered by these designated Chinese universities, such as courses in Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, Economics, Legal Studies, Management, Education, History, Literature, Philosophy, and Fine Arts to name a few.

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