BTS’ Jungkook has added another feather to his cap

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Jungkook adds another feather, There has been a new remarkable record set by BTS’ Jungkook with his solo track Standing Next To You recently, which has gained him the coveted 85th spot on Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States.

In addition to being the 18th week in a row that the song has been on the prestigious Billboard chart, the song broke records.

On November 18, 2023, the music video for the title track of the K-pop idol’s GOLDEN made its debut on the HOT 100 at number five, after originally appearing on the album.

His other tracks, such as his collaboration with American singer/songwriter Charlie Puth on Left and Right, which lasted seventeen weeks on the chart, outperformed Standing Next To You by the Dynamite star, which lasted seventeen weeks in total. It was the first single to ever remain on the chart for fifteen weeks after its release, and it beat Seven Feat, Latto by fifteen weeks.

It has been reported that the song is among the longest-running songs on the charts when it entered the competition. 

There has never been a solo artist from K-pop who has achieved the same success.

Jungkook’s Standing Next to You was released after Psy’s traditional hit Gangnum Style, which held the number one spot for 31 weeks, achieved international success and fame by reiterating Psy’s success with Gangnum Style.

The South Korean singer enjoyed top rankings on all other platforms, but he also reached a new milestone when he topped the Main Album Chart of the prestigious outlet, marking the first Korean soloist to accomplish this feat. As a result, he set a record as the first Korean solo artist to achieve this feat.

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