Botox confirmed on Selena Gomez’s makeup-free outing

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Botox confirmed on Selena Gomez’s makeup-free outing. Despite confirming that she was romantically involved with Benny Blanco just days before, Selena Gomez was spotted in Los Angeles recently going on a shopping spree. 

Despite stepping out without makeup, the 31-year-old songstress appeared unbothered by the appearance of her face. 

During her latest outing with her close friend Anna Collins, the Calm Down singer also showcased her new hairstyle, which she unveiled during the event.

An oversized light grey sweatshirt was worn over a grey trench coat worn by the singer during the performance. The black pants that she wore with her white shoes completed the look she wore. 

There have been several claims by fans that the singer has undergone some cosmetic procedures which have completely transformed her appearance. 

There was a comment from a fan who said, “That Botox is ruining Selena’s face.”.”

A second person added, “I was surprised to see Selene in such a different light.”. 

There is no doubt that Selena has been getting closer and closer to the record producer after recently announcing their budding romance in a social media rant.

During the onset of the blossoming relationship between the two new lovebirds, a close source to Selena revealed to Us Weekly, “Selena was the happiest she’s ever been about anyone she’s ever dated in a really long time.”

Furthermore, it was reported that, “Selena and Benny are truly in love, and although she has kept a lot of people under wraps over the course of her dating career, she could not wait to give Benny the news that they were together.” 

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