Blood pressure prevention with tomatoes?

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According to the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, tomato products and tomato-based foods may contain beneficial properties that can help lower blood pressure and prevent hypertension.

Known to assist in the reduction of blood pressure by counteracting the effect of salt on the body, potassium, which can be found in high quantities in nightshade vegetables, such as tomatoes. Furthermore, they play an important role in many diets that promote the health of the heart as well.

Rosa Maria Lamuela-Raventos, PhD, director of the Institute for Research on Nutrition and Food Safety at the University of Barcelona, one of the study’s co-authors, told Health that tomatoes are one of the most consumed, widely available, and reasonably priced vegetables around the world. In some of the world’s best diets, and the Mediterranean diet is one of them, they are an essential part of the diet.”

There was a daily tomato diet that consisted of raw tomatoes and tomato-based foods such as tomato sauce and gazpacho (a chilled Spanish tomato soup) that were part of the tomato diet. The amount of tomatoes consumed by the participants was based on their serving size, and four groups were formed as a result.

According to the study, there is an inverse relationship between tomato consumption and the risk of hypertension in the lowest and intermediate categories whereas there is a significant association between tomato consumption and the risk of hypertension in the highest group. Studies have demonstrated that eating tomatoes more often can reduce your risk of blood pressure by 36%, and even modest amounts of tomatoes can have a significant impact.

Higher blood pressure participants showed less significant reductions in their blood pressure when compared to participants with lower blood pressure. As the authors speculate, it could be that these individuals were older, had high blood pressure for a longer period of time, as well as other risk factors, which made major changes more difficult for them as they were older and had high blood pressure for a longer period of time.

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