Best pal Taylor Swift is appreciated by Laura Dern

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On Thursday, as part of the premiere of Common Ground at the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre in Beverly Hills, Laura Dern revealed that Taylor Swift is her best friend and has been for the longest time.

She said she loves and admires her so much, and it has become one of my deepest friendships as she revealed to PEOPLE, “It’s one of my deepest friendships.”

In a world where everything is creative, to find a friend who is not only creative but also has a superpower… I find her to be an amazing person. As a result, I’ve really enjoyed doing that,” she said.

Asked whether she had been able to expand her fan base among Swifties as a result of her appearance in Taylor’s music video for Bejeweled back in 2022, Laura replied, “I don’t know, but I think it helped.”. The answer is I am not sure, but I am grateful.”

Laura shared with Entertainment

There was a time when Laura shared with Entertainment Tonight why she agreed to do Taylor’s music video in an interview she conducted in 2022.

In her explanation of how the actress came to make a decision based on one line, the actress pointed out, “…Even better is when she is conversing with you on the phone, asking you if there is any way you would be willing to say these words to her in any way.”

During an interview with ET, Laura told ET that she had had an “amazing” time working with Taylor, and she was “so thrilled at the thought of this incredible moment of triumph”.

As for Laura, in an interview with USA Today, she explained she had no idea she would become a lifelong friend when working with Taylor and it was a true honor for her to have met her.

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