Balochistan health emergency triggered by Congo virus

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In order to deal with the deadly Congo virus in Balochistan, which has been known in medical terminology as the Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus (CCHF) for many years, a health emergency has been declared in hospitals across the province.

As a result of a meeting which was held in the provincial capital Quetta on Monday under the chairmanship of Balochistan’s Caretaker Chief Minister Ali Mardan Domki, it was decided to impose a health emergency since 44 cases of the virus had been reported there.

It has been directed by the chief minister that all divisional commissioners, district house officers (DHOs) and livestock officers will keep an eye on the situation closely in the coming days.

A decision was also taken to impose a two-week ban on private slaughterhouses in Quetta, as stipulated in Section 144 of the Constitution. This will prevent animals from being slaughtered in slaughterhouses that are in close proximity to the urban population following the two-week ban.

Domki, the chief minister of Datalala Province, asked the provincial livestock department to apply disinfectants at the cattle market as soon as possible.

Approximately, according to the caretaker chief minister, preliminary evidence suggests that the virus spread to the Civil Hospital from a Harnai patient who was admitted to that ward, which has since been sealed and other wards have been disinfected under special measures.

A health worker who was affected by the Congo virus and who is being transported to Karachi today via air ambulance, according to the interim CM, is also being transferred to Karachi.

A doctor who died from Congo virus has been declared a martyr by the interim set up in Balochistan, and benefits have been announced for his survivors and their families as well.

On Sunday, two people have died at the Fatima Jinnah Hospital in Quetta; a doctor who was diagnosed with the deadly Congo virus and a suspect patient that was being treated there.

Apparently, the patient was transported from the rural area of Hazaraganj in critical condition to the hospital as per information provided by the hospital administration.

The young doctor who was stricken by the disease died during his transportation from Hyderabad to Karachi to receive treatment, according to a representative of the young doctors. It has been reported that a patient died while en route to Karachi for specialist medical treatment, as per a spokesperson for young doctors.

At least 41 patients have been admitted to the hospital as a result of Congo virus-related infection this year, resulting in 17 deaths as a result.

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