Attack on Turbat police station kills four labourers

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Attack on Turbat police station kills four labourers. Balochistan’s Turbat district was hit by unidentified assailants in what appeared to be a terrorist attack on a police station in the Nasirabad area of the town when a policeman and four workers were killed.

Earlier this year, the police were notified that several labourers were found at the site, who had been identified as Mohammad Uzair, Baqar Ali, Shehbaz Ahmed, and Shehzad Ahmed, all from Punjab. According to the article, Shehbaz and Shehzad were brothers who lived in the same house.

There was also an injury to one labourer, the law enforcement agency added, adding that the bodies of the deceased were taken to the Teaching Hospital Turbat, where the bodies of the deceased will remain until the investigation is completed.

It has been confirmed through the caretaker information minister Jan Achakzai that the incident involving the firing on the unarmed workers was a terrorist attack, and that the attack was retaliatory.

It should be noted that the provincial ministry of home and tribal affairs, under the leadership of interim Chief Minister Ali Mardan Khan Domki, has been summoned to submit a report. Further, he promised that he would hold those who perpetrated the attack accountable for their actions.

Two incidents of this nature have occurred in Turbat during the past few days, and this is the second time that labourers from Punjab have lost their lives in such an incident.

On the evening of Thursday, October 6, an overnight attack in Turbat city resulted in the death of six workers and the wounding of two more following an overnight attack on them by gunmen.

The police reported that, in an under-construction house in which some labourers were sleeping, unidentified gunmen fired on them.

In addition to Rizwan, Shehbaz, Waseem, Shafiq Ahmed, Mohammad Naeem, and Sikander, four family members, of which two are brothers, were also killed. They were identified as Rizwan, Shehbaz, Waseem, Shafiq Ahmed, and Mohammad Naeem.

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