At Bani Gala, Bushra Bibi’s life is in danger, her sister says

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According to Maryam Riaz Wattoo, the sister of Bushra Imran Khan, who is currently under house arrest in Bani Gala, her sister’s life is in danger.

After her husband and she were found guilty of graft allegations, Bushra, Imran Khan’s wife, was placed under house arrest at his Islamabad mansion.

During his tenure as president, Khan and his wife are accused of undervaluing gifts from a state repository and selling them for profit. They faced 14 years in jail.

There is a great deal of concern that Wattoo shared with The News regarding the safety of her sister. She claimed that “Bushra has been treated very badly by the jail authorities”.

According to the woman, Adiala the jail superintendent is responsible for Bushra’s safety, yet the evidence indicates that the jail authorities are not doing their part to ensure Bushra’s safety.

The younger sister of Bushra, Wattoo, who is a teacher and currently resides in Dubai, said that her sister’s daughter met her after about a decade of not seeing her. Bushra was told that six days ago, she was given something very strange, very strong-tasting food which has burned her stomach and throat completely, causing her to be unable to eat anything, to become very weak, and to be feeling unwell since then.

According to her, the policewoman who served her that meal had been transferred since that day and she had no idea where she had gone.

There were no doctors available to examine Wattoo on time, and this means the impact of what has been given to her sister as a gift will be diminished as a result of the delay.

Earlier this week, Wattoo was able to share a post on X where she expressed concern for her sister.

There hasn’t been a call for a consultation with a doctor,” she said. When Bushra Imran Khan voluntarily submitted herself to be arrested, she was in very good health. As far as we know, she does not have any diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, or anything else like that.”

It is very likely that she will slowly become ill before being told that she has passed away due to the fact that she was depressed and ill. As she passed her message to me, I felt that she was showing that her faith is strong, Alhamdolillah. She wants our nation to be free because she believes that this will lead to true freedom.”

The family of Mrs. Bushra Imran Khan wants urgent permission from the court to have her examined by a doctor appointed by her family as soon as possible. In order to conduct a detailed health check on her, we should take her to the hospital of our choice. The government may appoint doctors to accompany you as well.”

The News reports that Wattoo has approached Pakistan’s judiciary in an attempt to get the authorities’ attention about what is happening to her sister in the country. As a result, I would like to call on Pakistan’s judiciary to respond quickly to our concerns and take immediate action.”

Timenews provided that news.

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