Anger over Babar chat leak from Shahid Afridi and Waqar Younis

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Anger over Babar chat leak from Shahid Afridi and Waqar Younis. As the news broke that Babar Azam’s private chat with a senior Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) official had been leaked, former Pakistani cricketers Shahid Afridi and Waqar Younis came out in support of those accused of leaking the chat.

On the eve of the match, Babar had a chat with a PCB Official, which was broadcast by a private channel. In response to the question of whether the Chairman of the PCB Management Committee Zaka Ashraf was making attempts to contact him, Babar refuted the rumour that he had tried to call him.

In the wake of the “unethical” act of leaking a private conversation between two individuals, which also violates both the ethical and professional values expected of journalists with regard to frankness, integrity, and accuracy, the anchor received widespread flak from netizens and former cricketers alike who were furious at the anchor for his actions.

It has been widely reported that other cricketers have used X, formerly Twitter, as a platform to voice their displeasure at the irresponsible behavior of the channel, anchorpersons, and journalists. Now Younis has joined the chorus of cricketers who have used the platform to voice their displeasure over the behavior of the channel.

In his tweet, the veteran cricketer used his Twitter handle to refer to PCB, both the private television channel and its owner. In response to the tweet, he wrote, “What are you guys doing???? This is pathetic!!! You guys are happy now. Please leave Babar Azam alone. He is an asset to Pakistan Cricket.”.

Meanwhile, Shahid Afridi, while speaking on a private channel, called the act “disgraceful” and stated that it should be punished, stating that it was an act that should be punished for such an outrageous act.

“It is a reprehensible thing for an official to publish a journalist’s private message. How can you show a journalist a private message? Did the chairman inform the journalist about the private message? If the chairman did inform the journalist, it is very disgraceful.”

Due to the unfairness of the situation, he was compelled to write the following on his X account: “Aren’t we all entitled to much better treatment, both on and off the field?” 

In addition, Azhar Ali, a distinguished Test cricketer and a panelist on the same show, questioned whether Babar had given his consent to the screenshot being sent to the journalist who works for the TV network before it was sent.

The journalist, whom Ali pointed towards while pointing towards the reporter who shared the chat with the channel’s team, was asked, “Did they obtain Babar’s permission before forwarding the message to him?”.

As the alleged message was a “personal message”, Babar also asked if the broadcaster had obtained his consent before displaying it on the air as it had been a “personal message”.

In defense of his actions, the journalist claimed that it was his “job” to run something when he received it, stating that it was his duty. There was no personal message from him to me and I didn’t receive it.”

Controversy surrounding the chat-leaks

It is imperative that you know that on social media there were reports circulating that the senior management of the Pakistan Cricket Board was ignoring Babar’s message, which gained strength after former captain Rashid Latif’s comments, which put a spotlight on that issue.

Despite that, the controversy was triggered by the public debate on a private news channel over Babar’s private WhatsApp chats with a senior official of the PCB which were broadcast and publicized on a private news channel.

It is revealed from the chat that the two were exchanging text messages in which the skipper denied the fact that he had called the chairman of the committee when asked about the rumours that he had been calling the board’s chief with the latter answering his calls.

In addition to this very interesting news, there have also been news reports circulating on social media and on TV regarding your calls to Chairman and his non-response. Have you made any calls to him recently?”

According to Babar, in response to Salman Bhai’s question, he said: “Salam Salman bhai, I have not made any phone calls to him yet.” “Salam Salman bhai, I have not made any calls to him.”

Afterwards, Waseem Badami, the anchor who had broadcasted the private chat between two people, apologized for his “wrong decision” to air the conversation.

In Badami’s opinion, the conversation was a private one and should have not been aired without the consent of the parties involved.

As a result, if it had hurt anyone, I apologize for it. I apologize from the bottom of my heart, and I’m not just proud of what happened. I apologise on behalf of our government, as well.

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