An Israeli attack in the West Bank kills three Palestinians

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During soaring violence throughout the occupied West Bank, three Palestinians have been killed following a shooting attack at an Israeli checkpoint near Bethlehem where they allegedly carried out the attack.

During the attack on Thursday, at least six members of the Israeli security forces were wounded, one of them critically, according to the Israeli police.

The Israeli Army secured all the entrances to the Bethlehem governorate, which is located in the south of the occupied West Bank, following the incident, preventing anyone from entering or exiting the area.

Several villages and towns in the area have also been hit by the deployment of troops along the roads.

Accused gunmen allegedly planned a much bigger attack than what was actually carried out, according to Israeli police chief Yaakov Shabtai.

Shin Bet, the Israeli domestic security service, believes at least two of those alleged attackers were affiliated with Hamas, one of Israel’s most prominent armed groups.

As Shabtai told reporters, when the Israeli forces in Bethlehem began questioning the three after they arrived in the direction of Bethlehem in a vehicle, the three opened fire on them. He said the Israeli forces returned fire on them and the two men were killed as a result.

There were two automatic rifles, two handguns, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and ten magazines that were fully loaded on the suspects and in their vehicle after the gunfight. Police said that two axes and two automatic rifles were also found.

A fourth Palestinian is believed to be involved in the shooting, according to the Israeli authorities,” Reported from Ramallah, saying that the Israeli authorities are looking for a fourth Palestinian.

During the hours that followed, we saw Israeli forces raid Hebron in the belief that the perpetrators had ties to the city,” she said in regard to the raid. As a result, the families of the three Palestinians who were arrested have been arrested as well.

Two young men were reported to have been arrested in the city of Jericho by witnesses, according to the Palestinian news agency Wafa. In a separate raid conducted south of the Palestinian city of Nablus, two more men were arrested after they were found in the village of al-Lubban ash-Sharqiya.

It is estimated that around 1,200 people have been killed by Hamas since it carried out a surprise attack on southern Israel on October 7, according to the Israeli authorities, which has escalated tensions in the West Bank.

According to Palestinian medical authorities, Israel has responded to the Palestinian call for help with an air and ground assault on Gaza that has resulted in the deaths of more than 11,600 people, including at least 4,700 children. In addition, the besieged enclave has been left in a state of ruin for much of its area.

The occupation of the West Bank by Israel has resulted in the deaths of at least 197 Palestinians, including 48 children, since October 7. More than 1,100 people were displaced from their homes after Israeli settlers attacked them, according to the UN, resulting in the killing of eight Palestinians and the deaths of eight settlers.

According to Human Rights Chief, Bertrand de Junia, the situation in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, is deteriorating as a result of increasing violence and severe discrimination against Palestinians.

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