An explosion in southern Lebanon injured UN observers

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Three UN peacekeepers and a translator were injured when a shell exploded near them in southern Lebanon while they were patrolling the border.

On Sunday evening, shortly after midnight, an explosion occurred in the village of Rmeish in the Israeli-Lebanese border area on the border between the two countries.

In a statement released on Saturday, the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), which is one of the peacekeeping forces working on the Israel-Lebanon border, expressed its disapproval of the decision to target peacekeepers, expressed in a statement released on Friday. According to UNIFIL, the cause of the blast is still being investigated, but nonetheless, the UNIFIL considers the incident “unacceptable” and is continuing to investigate the cause.

The document also pointed out that ensuring the security and safety of UN personnel is one of the most important things to do.

It has been a near daily occurrence since the conflict in Gaza began on October 1 that Israel has been exchanging fire across the border with Hezbollah, a Muslim group aligned with Iran and allied with Hamas. Since then, Israel has attacked Hezbollah several times.

According to UNIFIL in a statement, all actors in a conflict should ensure that non-combatants are protected under international humanitarian law, and this includes civilians, journalists, doctors, and others who are not combatants, as part of international humanitarian law. Throughout this time of heavy exchanges of fire taking place in the region, it is our duty to call out to all involved parties to put an end to these exchanges of fire before more lives are lost unnecessarily.”

It is reported that Israeli aircraft targeted an area where observers were gathered, but Israeli military officials, according to the Reuters news agency, denied that the Israeli aircraft targeted observers in such a manner.

A UNIFIL vehicle was not struck by the Israeli military in the area of Rmeish as reported in the Israeli media this morning. According to the Israeli military, no UNIFIL vehicle was struck by the Israeli military in the area of Rmeish.

The explosion occurred near the blue line, which is the border between Lebanon and Israel, while an international team of UN observers and translators were on foot patrol around the area at the time, according to reports from Beirut.

The incident is a troubling development in what has grown into a bitter conflict between Israel and Hezbollah over the past six months, one she described as “a dangerous development” in the conflict that has now reached its sixth month.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s office released a statement in which he denounced the “targeting” of UN personnel which was carried out by the commander of UNIFIL, Aroldo Lozaro, as alleged in the statement.

Israel has shelled Lebanon almost 270 times since the beginning of the year, causing almost 270 Hezbollah fighters to die, as well as almost 50 civilians. These include children, medics, and journalists, as well as the Lebanese army and UNIFIL, as well as the Palestinian Authority.

One of UNIFIL’s patrols was targeted by Israeli gunfire in southern Lebanon in November, but no casualties were reported as a result of that incident.

In UNIFIL’s report released last month, the UN peacekeeping force stated that Israeli forces violated international law when they shot at a group of journalists who possessed a clearly identifiable identification card, killing a reporter from the Reuters news agency in the process.

This UNIFIL force was formed in 1978 in retaliation to an Israeli invasion of Lebanon in which a Palestinian group attacked Israeli forces, resulting in the Israeli forces being forced to withdraw from Lebanon.

The ceasefire between Hezbollah and Israel is monitored by a peacekeeping force, which was reinforced after the conflict between the two sides in 2006, and it comprises roughly 10,000 peacekeepers who are responsible for monitoring the ceasefire between the two sides.

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