An adorable BTS’V blunder on the internet

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It recently came to light that BTS’ V made a hilarious social media blunder when he mistakenly tagged a fan account onto his Instagram Story rather than their official Instagram account, Na Young Seok PD’s, on his Instagram Story.

While Na Young Seok PD uploaded a reaction video to his Instagram Stories, V took to his Instagram Stories to share it, and while he was intending to mention Na Young’s original account in his post, he instead chose to tag his fan account in the post.

As a result, V’s adorable blunder wasn’t easily overlooked on social media, which resulted in the tagged fan account responding quickly to V’s hilarious mistake.

It was impossible for him to contain his excitement on receiving the tag from the global superstar, and he immediately wrote: “Anger?? What??? What??? Hi everyone, I would appreciate it if you could stream the song called [Fri(ends)]. There is no doubt that Kim Tae Hyung is the pride of Korean BTS V. It is no wonder, since he also has one of the best songs in the world. After listening to the song for the first time, I immediately lost my hearing. Just a simple melting process took place and it simply disappeared. After watching the music video for the first time, I could not keep my eyes open. In addition to melting off, they also disappeared. With the help of voice typing, I am writing captions for my video.”

In the following story, he came to the realization that everyone saw him. He saw his little kitten, Kim Tae Hyung, as the world’s most famous baby. I could only see him. I only saw him.

The fan was so overwhelmed with the response that he changed his bio in his profile to link to V’s music video after he received such a positive response to his video.

In case you are unaware, the South Korean artist has released his latest digital single titled FRI(ENDS) starting March 15 on all the major music platforms. provided that news

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