After three years, Kim Seon Ho ends his acting hiatus

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Kim Seon Ho ends his acting, Taking the stage on the upcoming season of Eating Brothers, Kim Seon Ho is set to make his highly-anticipated return to television with a guest appearance that has been highly anticipated. 

SALT Entertainment has revealed that the actor will be returning to variety shows after a three-year hiatus, jumping on board the bandwagon after a three-year hiatus.

As soon as Kim Seon Ho and Moon Se Yoon were photographed filming at a Thai restaurant, rumours of his return spread across the internet, and photographs of the two capturing the moment went viral on the internet.

There are high hopes for the upcoming season of Eating Brothers, which is set to debut at the end of March. 

As well as the appearance of close friends such as Kim Seon Ho and Moon Se Yoon, it is predicted that they will develop a romantic relationship as well.

Considering Kim and Moon’s friendship dates back to their time on Season 4 of 2 Days & 1 Night in 2021, it is only natural for fans to be excited about the possibility of two friends getting back together.

Furthermore, Kim Seon Ho has a busier schedule throughout the year with his role in the play The Pursuit of Happiness and his upcoming premiere of the series The Tyrant, as well as other engagements that are lined up.

Timenews provided that news.

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