After the Mike Tyson fight fiasco, Jake Paul finds a new opponent

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After the Mike Tyson fight fiasco, Jake Paul finds a new opponent, American YouTuber and actor Jake Paul was deeply disappointed by the news that his fight against legendary boxer Mike Tyson had to be postponed, and at the moment is seeking a partner with whom he can square off.

The fight between Tyson and Paul had been originally scheduled for July 20, but was postponed in order to avoid too much disruption to the preparations for the fight when Tyson became ill just a few days before it was to take place.

A Netflix report claims that Tyson has been suffering from a health issue that is preventing him from fully training for the next few weeks, and as a result, their summer feud has been called off.

Despite the fact that there still isn’t a clear date for the fight to take place, the end of 2024 appears to be a more plausible timeframe at the moment. 

According to Logan Paul, he and his brother are willing to compete in the ring alongside each other in place of Tyson in place of the current champions but it is more likely than not that the fight will not take place.

Rather than engaging in a fight with KSI, Jake took to social media to propose that they should fight each other.

KSI’s coach is stating that he is over 200 pounds right now.” We don’t need to make excuses about his weight. Let’s schedule it for July 20th, and then let’s schedule Paul Tyson for October/November.”

KSI’s response was that he already had a battle scheduled for August and therefore couldn’t fight Paul in July since he already had a battle scheduled in August.

Timenews1 published that news.

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