After six months of marriage, Jung Joo Yeon calls it quits

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After six months of marriage, Jung Joo Yeon calls it quits. A couple of months after they married in October, Jung Joo Yeon announced that she had separated from her non-celebrity husband after six months of marriage. 

An official statement from the agency representing the City of the Sun actress has confirmed that the couple has split after several years of marriage. 

According to Soompi, the statement stated that Jung Joo Yeon and her husband had agreed mutually last month to end their marriage, but it doesn’t mention the reason why they agreed.

Earlier this month, the actress, who is now estranged from her husband, threw a large wedding for her now-estranged husband and friends.

The couple was not reportedly legally married, so they were not required to file for divorce based on their country’s divorce laws as a result of not having formally registered their marriage. 

The news of Jung Joo Yeon’s divorce was met with a fan’s reaction on social media. The fan posted in response, “Marriage isn’t a joke! Don’t get married if you aren’t mentally ready.”.”.

There was another person who added, “Oh, he must have been getting on your nerves. Damn.”. 

Jung Joo Yeon has also made a name for herself in the professional world, appearing in famous K-dramas like Stormy Lovers, Princess Aurora and City Of The Sun

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