After knee surgery, Joel Embiid will miss an NBA game

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After knee surgery, Joel Embiid will miss an NBA game, Yahoo Sports reported that Philadelphia 76ers star player Joel Embiid underwent knee surgery on Tuesday to have the meniscus in his left knee repaired, which will keep him out for the next four weeks of the team’s upcoming games, according to the report.

Joel Embiid’s left knee suffered a lateral meniscus injury in the day’s procedure. He will have a re-evaluation in approximately four weeks to determine the success of the procedure.” According to the Sixers statement, “Embiid had a successful surgery today to repair the injury.“.

In order for Embiid to fully recover, it is expected that he will require between one and two months. He should be able to return to basketball by March if his recovery after the surgery goes well, and he should be able to play at least ten games before the playoffs begin if his recovery is successful.

Embiid’s knee injury occurred during a 119-107 loss to the Golden State Warriors on January 31; Embiid was in the middle of the best season of his career as well as en route to winning the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award for the second consecutive year.

As reported by The Athletic, he reported discomfort in his knee for most of the season before receiving a diagnosis that his left knee’s meniscus had misplaced a flap, resulting in a tearing of the flap.

The injury that he suffered will keep him from winning MVP, even though he has played a record-breaking amount of games, since by law, he must have played 65 games to qualify.

Embiid’s knee issues aren’t a new thing for him or the Sixers, but they are getting worse. As long as he has played in Philadelphia, he has always had them.

It is likely that the club will have to play more than half of the remaining regular-season games without their best player in order to make the playoffs with 33 regular-season games left in the season.

Unfortunately, for the Sixers, there is not much breathing room left for them in this game. In the Eastern Conference, they currently hold the fifth-best record with a 30-19 record.

Embiid’s departure from the Sixers is still not finalized, so the team still has time to add someone to partially replace him before Thursday’s trade deadline. 

Do you think that General Manager Daryl Morey would be interested in doing that? We just have to wait and see what happens. That’s all we can do.

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