After India’s defeat, Shoaib Malik criticizes Babar Azam’s captaincy

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After India’s defeat, Shoaib Malik criticizes Babar Azam’s captaincy. Shoaib Malik criticised Babar Azam’s captaincy skills after Pakistan’s loss over the weekend and advised him to step down as captain and resume playing for the team.

In response to a question on a show, Malik stated, “I have a sincere opinion about Babar, which I have expressed before on the show, that Babar should leave the captain’s job.”

According to Malik, as he elaborated on his opinion concerning Babar, he continued to say, that his opinion for the 29-year-old captain is not based on the fact that India had beaten Pakistan nor was it based on the fact that the team lost by a large margin, but rather on the fact that he believes the captain can perform wonders without the captaincy.

It is based on some homework that I have done that I am confident that Babar as a cricketer will be able to present himself and the team with amazing performances in the future.”

According to Malik, Babar has a tendency to not think outside the box when it comes to being a leader. 

The captain would go on to say that “no cricketer should mix his leadership skills with his batting skills because they are two different things. He has been captain for a long period of time, but he is not improving.”

As an added bonus, when speaking of the team’s performance, the 41-year-old former captain noted: “If any match of our team goes according to plan, then the boys will attack, but if things deviate from the plan, then the boys will not attack.”

It is suggested that Babar should “hold a meeting with the boys” according to Malik.

It wasn’t over yet, but Malik cheered Babar up by reminding him that the tournament was not over yet. There are still many matches to play in the tournament, so stay strong.

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