After ABC exit, TJ Holmes, Amy Robach eye big project

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A new podcast created in collaboration with iHeartMedia, hosted by former ABC News anchors Amy Robach and Thomas Holmes, has also been launched as part of the collaboration.

As part of their podcast, Amy & T.J., the two will discuss current affairs, pop culture, and a variety of other topics in their weekly show. Along with hosting and executive producing their own show, Robach and Holmes will also work on a full slate of upcoming programming at iHeartPodcasts, including a full slate of original programming.

As a result of the disclosure of their intimate relationship to ABC News as well as an internal policy review conducted by ABC News, Robach and Holmes parted ways with the company in January 2023. 

There had previously been a marriage between the two, who had previously been married to other people, but the network pulled them off the air in December 2022 and made their decision as to what to do next. 

This is the first major initiative that Robach and Holmes have taken since leaving their former firms, and it is their first big step towards establishing a presence in the media, including the blogosphere. This will be their first time speaking publicly since their own names were in the headlines, according to iHeartMedia.

For ABC News, Holmes has been co-anchoring GMA3 since 2020, which is the afternoon version of Good Morning America. In 2014, Holmes joined the company as a member of the company’s management team. In 2012, Robach was hired by ABC News as a senior correspondent after previously working with GMA3 in 2020.

It has been reported that Robach has previously worked at NBC News and MSNBC, and Holmes has previously worked with CNN, BET, and MSNBC before joining ABC News.

On December 5th, the first episode of the podcast will be released.

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