After 217 COVID-19 vaccinations, a German man is still live

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After 217 COVID-19 vaccinations, a German man is still live, In 29 months, a 62-year-old German man went against the recommendations of the national vaccination program by getting 217 COVID-19 vaccine shots from his own volition, despite knowing that this was against the vaccine protocol.

According to CNN, this amount of COVID-19 shots is equivalent to a vaccination every four days, which is an average number of shots per person.

In the context of this article, it is said that the man has become a living example of what happens to the immune system when it has been vaccinated against the same bacterium so many times that it has become immune to it.

A correspondence published in the journal Lancet Infectious Diseases on Monday which outlined his case and outlined how his “hypervaccination” did not end up causing any detrimental health effects during the course of the treatment nor did it substantially improve or harm his immune system in any way.

There are 217 COVID-19 shots that were administered between June 2021 and November 2023 to a German man whose name has been withheld due to privacy rules. A prosecutor and a vaccination centre’s documentation confirm 134 out of the 217 shots that were administered. Based on the study, only 83 subjects self-reported, which explains why the rest of the data was self-reported.

The fact that someone received such a large number of COVID vaccines in such a short period of time is very unusual, and clearly this person has not followed any kind of guidelines, according to Dr Emily Happy Miller, assistant professor of medicine and microbiology and immunology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine who did not take part in the study.

As far as the side effects of the vaccination shots are concerned, the man has not reported any. Furthermore, he has not contracted any infection due to COVID-19 to date, something that has been substantiated by repeated antigen and PCR tests that were performed between May 2022 and November 2023, which confirm that he does not have the virus.

According to the researchers, however, it’s not certain that his Covid status can be attributed to his hypervaccination regimen as they caution that it’s not proven.

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