According to UN chief, Israel has destroyed Gaza ‘relentlessly’

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According to UN chief, Israel has destroyed Gaza ‘relentlessly’, As a result of Israel’s military campaign in Gaza, the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has stated that Palestinians in Gaza have suffered “relentless death and destruction” because of the Israeli campaign.

There is no justification for collective punishment of Palestinians which can be justified in any way, according to the UN chief in a speech marking six months since Israel’s war on Gaza began.

There are lives that have been shattered. Several international humanitarian laws are in tatters, and there appears to be no respect for them,” he said.

Guterres said that during his visit to the Rafah crossing ten days ago, he spoke with veteran humanitarians, who expressed categorically that the crisis and suffering in Gaza are unlike anything he or she has ever experienced. He added that trucks carrying aid continue to face “obstacle after obstacle” as they travel through Gaza.

“It is often said that starvation is an outcome when the doors to aid are closed,” said this man.

It is estimated that over a million people are suffering from catastrophic hunger, which affects more than half of the population. Food and water are not available to children in Gaza today, and they are dying as a result.

It’s incomprehensible that this has happened, and it’s entirely avoidable that this has happened.”

Israel’s military operation in Gaza that began on October 7 has resulted in the deaths of over 33,000 civilians according to health authorities. Thousands have been displaced as a result of the conflict, and aid organizations are warning that the region is on the verge of famine due to the turmoil.

Access to aid

As the UN secretary-general said, he was sincerely hopeful Israel will bolster aid access to the Gaza Strip quickly and effectively in the coming days.

In response to the demands of President Joe Biden to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, Israel has approved the reopening of Beit Hanoon (Erez) crossing into northern Gaza, and temporarily allowing the port of Ashdod to be used temporarily. Biden said conditions could be placed on US support of Israel if Israel did not act on this issue.

In the aftermath of an Israeli air strike that killed seven people working for the US-based food charity World Central Kitchen on Monday, the humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian enclave of 2.3 million people grew exponentially.

There have now been at least 196 humanitarian workers killed as a result of the conflict, according to the UN.

As well as Guterres expressing “deep concern” about reports that the Israeli military has been using artificial intelligence to identify bombing targets in Gaza, he said he was very troubled by the reports. Israeli military officials have denied using artificial intelligence to identify suspected fighters or targets during the conflict.

It is unacceptable, in the opinion of the UN chief, that decisions regarding life and death, which affect entire families, can be left to cold calculations performed by algorithms.

The UN secretary general also said that Hamas’ attack on October 7 was a day of pain for Israel and the world, said he mourned for the victims who had been killed in cold blood, and demanded that all those still held captive in Gaza are released unconditionally.

The Israeli army has reported that in the wake of the October 7 attack, more than 1,200 people have been killed and more than 200 taken captive. A number of these captives have since been freed.

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