A woman’s heart disease can be increased by only one glass of wine

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Woman’s heart disease can be increased by only one glass of wine, The results of a recent study have shown that women who drink more than one glass of wine per day are significantly more likely to develop heart disease than those who drink less.

Approximately 430,000 adults in California were studied for four years by researchers at the university of California, according to an article in Cosmopolitan magazine.

Throughout this time period, 3,108 people have suffered from heart disease, a condition that increases the chances of having heart attacks, angina attacks, and strokes.

Women were more likely to be diagnosed with heart disease than men in the study, and receipt of a diagnosis increased with alcohol consumption, which was in line with the study’s findings. In their study, a number of investigators concluded that alcohol raises blood pressure, and that high blood pressure can lead to inflammation in younger people as well.

We divided the individuals according to how much alcohol they consumed into three groups based on how much alcohol they consumed. In the past, the average amount of alcohol consumed per week was one or two drinks. It is generally accepted that moderate drinking refers to three to fourteen drinks per week for men, and three to seven drinks per week for women. In terms of men and women, high drinking was defined as a weekly intake of at least 15 drinks for men, and no more than 8 drinks for women.

In spite of the fact that age was controlled for, women who drank heavily had a 45% greater likelihood of developing heart disease than women who drank less. There was also a large effect of binge drinking, as women who binge-drank were 68% more likely to develop heart disease than women who didn’t binge-drink.

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